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7 Reasons why coalition loyalty matters for casinos




Casinos have perfected marketing, loyalty, and engagement tactics with their patron while they’re on property, with plenty of data to back up strategic decisions to drive more revenue year over year.

But off-property loyalty engagement strategies are still new to most casinos. Social gaming solutions are extending land-based casino brands into a whole new world of being with the customer wherever they are, but that is just the beginning.

Rise of Coalition Loyalty

With the rise of coalition loyalty outside of the gaming industry with Rapid Rewards by Southwest, Fuel Rewards by Shell, and Ebates—the fight is on for insights into discretionary spending, and increased brand visibility while consumers shop.

Consumers have a higher expectation for a variety of earning options, personalized rewards, and access to shop at their favorite brands.  

Early gaming industry adopters are reaping these same rewards in off-property loyalty, engagement, and brand recognition strategies through their respective coalition loyalty  marketplaces such as Caesars Total Rewards Marketplace and Parx Casino’s XClub Rewards Everywhere.

What is Coalition Loyalty?

Simply put, coalition loyalty means your loyalty members can earn points or rewards in the form of cash back from shopping online at 1000+ premier retailers, but can only redeem those points back at your property.


Coalition Loyalty Benefits for Casinos in 2019

Casinos who adopt coalition loyalty programs in 2019 stand to gain the benefit of:

  1. Increasing casino brand visibility 20x, where customers shop online 208 days per year and on average visit casinos only 10 days per year.
  2. Increase floor visits 10%, where an increase in brand visibility and earned rewards leads to more visits.
  3. 100% increase in loyalty points earned each year on average for members who participate.
  4. Insights into discretionary off-property spending habits for participating members: where, what, and how much they buy.
  5. 1,000s of earning choices with a marketplace of major brand affiliations.
  6. Top of mind for everyday shopping with embedded Google search, chrome extension reminders, and push notifications.
  7. New loyalty and engagement strategy where there is (currently) less competition.


There may be another BIG reason a casino could benefit from a coalition loyalty program in place in 2019, but it is not for every casino.  There could be significant tax savings based on your jurisdiction. Contact our team to discuss.

Coalition loyalty is the emerging off-property engagement strategy to drive revenue, visibility, loyalty and revenue in 2019.


How Much $ Revenue?

Those looking to better understand the potential revenue stream from their existing loyalty member base should reach out to info@new.complinks.co and we can send your our Rewards Everywhere Calculator.


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