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Cheetah Digital Advises Brands — Collect Data and Act On it in Real-Time




TimGlomb-Headshot_studio-(1).jpgMost brand marketers know that numbers don’t lie, but they may be a little difficult to interpret.

For Cheetah Digital’s Tim Glomb, it’s all about brands not just collecting data and analyzing it, but being prepared to action on it in real-time.

“If you're actually going to have a true value exchange, then your strategy needs to include a plan to activate on that data in real-time, as you're collecting it,” says Glomb, Vice President of Content and Data at Cheetah Digital.

Using Psychographic Questions to Connect with Customers
Glomb gives a perfect example of how one brand used psychographic questions to interact with customers in real-time, garnering a wealth of useful data that can power contextualized, real-time interactions with those consumers.

Cheetah Digital client Discovery Communications operates a group of factual and lifestyle television brands, like it’s namesake Discovery Channel as well as, Animal Planet, Science Channel, HGTV and more. One of the channels gives away multi-million dollar dream homes, and in doing so, they often collect over 100 million entries.

Glomb says that when Discovery collects the entry information — such as if they are a homeowner or do they like to do landscaping projects — they often have a value exchange ready for the customer dependent upon the question asked.

“All these psychographic questions are ones that you can't deduce from behavior or advertising or clicks,” Glomb says. “And before they even ask the questions, they had unique offers completely ready at the will.”



Playing the Data Game in Real-Time Can Be a Big Win
Glomb says to imagine the data coming in as a large Connect Four game, where the checker bounces around and — depending on the answers —lands in a certain slot or segment, triggering a relevant offer.

“It’s optimized, and it’s personalized in the email channel or SMS channel,” he says. “Or it even triggers back to a segmented ad unit that gives the customer a discount, a free offer, or some exclusive content.”

And numbers don’t lie, right? Glomb says that if you fire off an email within 60 seconds of an answer, you'll get as much as a 60% open rate on that email.

“Nobody gets those rates on average,” he says. “So real-time is the key when collecting data. Have a value exchange waiting as soon as they hit that submit button.”

To hear more of Glomb’s and Cheetah Digital’s perspectives, watch the video interview.

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