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Cisco Enhances Partner Rewards and Experiences in Program Revamp



The tech giant Cisco announced yesterday new tools and incentives to support partners who sell the company’s hardware, software, and service solutions.  

Scheduled for mid-2024 launch, the Cisco Partner Incentive is designed to support new customer acquisition, upselling, and cross-sell opportunities. Partners will earn rebates based on the total contract value of a closed sale, completion of customer onboarding activities, and annual increases in contract value. Partners can earn bonus rewards for certain investments in their selling strategies and practices.  

"The Cisco Partner Incentive is the biggest change we've made to partner incentives in more than a decade and is the capstone on the Cisco Partner Program evolution started in 2020," said Marc Surplus, Vice President of Partner Strategy and Programs at Cisco. 

In addition to enhancing rewards, Cisco has upgraded the program’s online user portal, the Partner Experience Platform (PXP). The system now features AI-powered predictive insights to help partners differentiate and grow their businesses. The refreshed PXP dashboard provides an overview of the partner’s funding and investment activities, removing the need for third-party financial tools.  

Starting November 20, the new PXP Sustainability Estimator will give partners insight into how much their customers can save on energy, emissions, and related costs by modernizing their IT hardware.  

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