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City Of Malibu To Implement Rewards Program




The Malibu Chamber of Commerce will implement a rewards loyalty program for customers and businesses alike in the California city. The program is called Malibu Rewards, which will offer customers reward points for spending at certain local businesses. A business will need to register a credit card or multiple credit cars at maliburewards.com to join the rewards program. The registered card(s) will be of use at participating businesses for a person to earn rewards instantly throughout the city of Malibu. 

Saltwater Software is the company collaborating with the City of Malibu, which is a software company that helps districts and businesses, and their Chief Operating Officer is Malibu Mayor Mikke Pierson. 

According to Saltwater Software CEO Jason Gilbert, “Consumers have the ability to shop at all their favorite businesses under one umbrella and earn rewards. They also have the opportunity to earn points with the chamber of commerce toward other types of special events, products or services that ladder up on top of the rewards the businesses are offering.” 

Mayor Pierson has stated to Malibu Times that “There’s absolutely no conflict” referring to his position of mayor and his company not overlapping because businesses doesn’t have to be present or participate before city council. 

While people earn rewards, Malibu Rewards offers businesses, especially small or local businesses, more foot traffic and increase in sales as they may struggle during the pandemic. There’s more incentive more small businesses to sign up and offer customers deals, if they chose to do so. As of now, there is no shops or businesses signed up for Malibu Rewards. 

The city of Malibu isn’t the only one to offer this reward program as Santa Monica, Sacramento, and Pittsburgh will be offering a similar rewards system to people in the near future.

There’s no official date on when Malibu Rewards will be on and running.


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