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Dinefits Rewards Program Helps Build Restaurant Engagement



iBuyXS launched a new rewards program to help restaurants increase engagement: Dinefits. Dinefits is the first-of-its-kind cashback program that uses time-based rewards to encourage dining during slow times, when restaurants need more traffic. 

Users link their credit cards with the free rewards program, and the card serves as the coupon when they pay. Members can use the Dinefits website to browse local cashback offers, with the potential to earn up to 20% cash back on orders. 

With the program, diners pay the full tab before earning their rewards, so servers still earn tips based on the full order price. Because the program helps encourage dining during slow times, it helps increase server earning potential by giving them more tables and tips. It also increases foot traffic in restaurants. 

“It is the most discreet and rewarding way to get paid to eat out. It's so stealth mode, people can use it on a first date or at a company dinner without anyone knowing they are receiving cashback,” the company announced in a press release. 

Currently, the program is only available in the Tampa Bay, FL area. 


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