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Donatos 2023 Loyalty Expo Session: Building Personalization and Emotional Loyalty into the Rewards P



Especially for brands in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, building meaningful emotional connections helps them increase the rate of return for loyal customers. However, emotional loyalty can be difficult to quantify because it relies on long-term investments and initiatives.
Donatos — a pizza restaurant chain founded in Columbus, OH — is a people-first brand. Every customer loyalty initiative is designed to both provide value for its guests and build an emotional connection with them. With its Donatos Rewards loyalty program, the brand leverages customer data to build personalized perks and promotions, with the goal of increasing emotional loyalty.
Donatos was recently named a finalist for this year’s Loyalty360 Awards, presenting in the Customer Loyalty Strategy category at Loyalty360’s Loyalty Expo, May 8-10 in Orlando. At the event, Erin will share her story on how Donatos leverages customer data to drive and enhance customer loyalty.
Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Erin Corrigan, Director of Digital Marketing for Donatos, about her upcoming presentation at the 2023 Loyalty Expo and Donatos’ customer loyalty success.

Could you give us a brief overview of your awards presentation at the 2023 Loyalty Expo?
Corrigan: I will go into the nuts and bolts of the program, how it works, and some of the features we've introduced over the last year that make our program a little bit more unique.


Who do you think would benefit most from your award presentation at the conference?
Corrigan: Anyone in the QSR space and anybody who works with Cheetah Digital, because we utilize a lot of the feature functions that are built into that platform.

What are a few key takeaways attendees can expect to learn from your awards presentation?
Corrigan: They will hear more than they probably ever thought they wanted to know about the pizza business, and the challenges we deal with when it comes to our customers and segmenting some of those groups.



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