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The Loyalty Minute

Episode 31 – God Gave You Two Ears And One Mouth Use Them In That Ratio



Welcome Loyal listeners to today’s episode of the loyalty minute… Nothing can make your heart drop faster than feeling like you just lost a loyal customer.  But just because a customer is unhappy, it does not mean they are gone for good.  On the contrary, a company’s most loyal fans are often the ones that had a problem, and also had a fantastic experience getting it solved.

As we discuss so often on this podcast, Customer loyalty is key — and here’s how to make it happen.

The simple fact that a customer is bringing their problem to you — instead of simply walking away angry — shows that if you play your customer success cards right, you have got a great chance of winning them over.Here are a few simple tips to help turn even the crankiest customer into a great business opportunity.
Be as Personal as Possible.

Listen.  God gave you two ears and one mouth, use them in that ratio.

Paraphrase their points to ensure you TRULY understand what they are saying or asking.  I can’t tell you how many time I’ve emailed a customer support team and they write back with something completely unrelated.  One company that really does get it as Intercom. they are able to read between the lines and really understand what you’re asking. And that is really important

To learn more about this, and a ton of other customer loyalty insights, please visit theloayltyminute.com  Enjoy!

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