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The Loyalty Minute

Episode 34 – The 800 Pound Gorilla In The Loyalty Space



Welcome Loyal listeners in today’s episode of the loyalty minute we’re going to be talking about The 800-pound gorilla in the Loyalty program space, and that company is called Google.

As I’m sure you already know Google dominates every aspect of your life.  And after launching in the US last year, the Play Points program has been a great way to earn additional perks and treats for trying out brand-new applications and buying music, movies, and TV shows legally.

But what does it really mean that Google is giving you loyalty points for spending money on google play?

Maybe the better question is, with Google’s dominance in the ecommerce search space, what if they now decide to leverage that might and give people Google Play Points for buying items through it’s Google Shopping platform for everyday items?  I mean they did it in the travel industry once dominated by Kayak, booking.com and Travelocity and others, now google has a booking engine embedded directly in the search results.  That has to hurt the other aforementioned companies a bit.

Well it will be interesting to see what the 800 pound gorilla does with its new toy.

To learn more about this and other great customer loyalty insights, please visit theloyaltyminute.com  Enjoy!

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