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Episode 36 – Live Chat and Chatbots Overtake Email For Retail Communications

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Welcome Loyal listeners in today’s episode of the loyalty minute we’re going to be talking about live chat and chatbots overtaking email for retail communications, and its effect on customer and brand loyalty.

Independent research from Narvar and YouGov has revealed that the modern retailer needs to look carefully at the quality of the communications experience they are providing across all channels, both before and beyond the buy button.

The study also found that millennials and baby boomers strongly believe that fast and direct communications about an order is the number one factor in securing their loyalty.

Here are some Key findings:

– Millennials are 20% less likely to contact a retailer via email than baby boomers, and are five times more likely to use live chat on a website.
– Fast and direct communications about an order is the number one factor in winning the loyalty of millennials and baby boomers – that’s over things like retailers sharing recommendations and product reviews.
– 20% of all device owners in the UK are using voice-control for online shopping
– Millennials are the age group least likely to want to be contacted by a retailer over SMS

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