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Episode 38 – Superstitions and Pavlov’s Dog



Welcome loyal listeners and today’s episode and I started to think what does it really seem like to be superstitious. Am I superstitious?

Then I thought what is superstition. In an essence it’s kind of habit that you believe if you continue to do something something else will happen. So it’s usually stereotype that gamblers are superstitious in that they will do specific things that will lead them to win, while we know this might not be true.

If you do the same routine over and over again and you get rewarded for it you might think well that’s definitely working for me so there is a correlation between Superstition and a pavlovian type of response, then Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram all these posting type of social format will you keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and you’re just looking for that next thing. And that’s what keeps you loyal to that brand in the sense that are you really captured in that whole pavlovian thing of looking for a reward. Anyway I just thought it was interesting and I wanted to share. To learn more about this and other great Customer Loyalty insights please visit the Loyalty enjoy 

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