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The Loyalty Minute

Episode 44 – How to Beat Your Competitors in the Customer Loyalty Space



Welcome Loyal listeners in today’s episode of the loyalty minute we’re going to be talking about how to beat 50% of your competitors in the customer loyalty arena

We now have enormous access to customer data at our fingertips – yet 80% of data is “dark and untouched,” and is never actually used to make improvements to CX and earn loyalty.

“If a company can’t access their own customer data, record behavior, analyze purchase history and access all information in a single repository, then we (airlines) can’t even get close to attaining customer-centricity,” asserts Christina Heggie , Investment Principal at JetBlue Technology Ventures, on the loyalty challenge.

Studies suggest that 91% of brands agree that personal data is critical to the customer journey – yet only 51% are confident in their ability to serve a data-driven customer experience. Indeed, 50% of organizations admit that their back office is siloed and unable to support a seamless digital flow. That’s half of your competitors.

To learn more about this topic and other great customer loyalty insights, please visit theloyaltyminute.com  Enjoy! 

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