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Episode 50 – How To Distinguish Transactional Customer Relationship From An Emotional One

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Welcome Loyal listeners in today’s episode of the loyalty minute we’re going to be talking about How you distinguish a transactional relationship from an emotional one?

In a report titled, “Loyalty That Lasts” published jointly by Cheetah Digital and CMO Council the bring an important aspect of customer behavior to light: emotional loyalty. What is the intention behind your customer interactions? Is it just to make a sale? Or to establish a lasting bond—a bond that is not “predicated on savings, rewards or promotions”?

The expert commentary by Judd Marcello of Cheetah Digital delves into the foundational elements of emotional loyalty (affinity, alignment and trust), emphasises the complexity involved in achieving it and outlines the benefits for both brands and customers. Executive perspectives from senior marketers explore how loyalty is redefined from the customer’s perspective and shows that proper, consistent and reciprocal use of customer voice can help progress from transactional to emotional loyalty.

Based on insights from 170 senior marketers, the report indicates a fundamental disconnect between the two…

For a link to the full report, and other great customer loyalty insights, please visit Enjoy!

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