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francesca's® Partners with Local Brand Ambassadors on Loyalty Program Campaign



Francesca’s Acquisition, LLC, launched a new loyalty campaign featuring local influencer ambassadors. Partnering with Elevate Pictures, francesca’s filmed its Miami Fran Club event as a commercial video spot for the new “Free to Be You” campaign. 

Celebrating its Fran Club loyalty program and showcasing the new lineup of spring styles, the Free to Be You campaign combines brand ambassadors highlighting styles with the exclusive Fran Club event. The event is one of many hosted by the Fran Club loyalty program, which launched in Oct. 2022.  

"We see incredible value in engaging directly with our community to celebrate self-expression and the unique sense of style the francesca's customer has," says Jann Parish, Chief Marketing Officer of francesca’s. "By working alongside incredible local Miami talent and incorporating our customers and associates, we are building a brand that rewards our best customers and showcases that within this campaign. We are approaching acquisition in a unique way by creating an exclusively, inclusive community that future customers will want to be a part of. It's not just about shopping now, it's about building trust and creating a connection." 

The campaign follows a recent study francesca’s conducted to develop key customer personas and better understand core audience needs. The Free to Be You event and campaign speak to those key personas specifically. 


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