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Kellogg Company Designs Employee Engagement with People Analytics



Kellogg Company is investing in employee engagement through People Analytics—the study of people and business data to drive HR strategies and culture. The company uses these analytics to design a winning culture that improves retention, engagement, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, and manager effectiveness.

The idea behind People Analytics is to learn how data, curiosity, and human resources intersect, then use the results to develop an environment where employees thrive. Kellogg examined voluntary leave data alongside positive experience that caused employees to stay. The result helped them develop plans to increase the positive experiences for critical populations and better understand turnover patterns.

“We need to be asking, ‘what can we do to make our organization better and help our people thrive?’” says Petra Mudder, Director of Global People Analytics for Kellogg Company. “The data can tell us where to focus and if we are progressing.”

Kellogg’s goal is to turn the data found through People Analytics into insights managers can use to create great experiences. The company plans to treat people initiatives equally to commercial ones.
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