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Loyalty Expo Conference Session – “Pressing Pause to find the Right Direction”


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Erin Levzow, Vice President of Marketing Technology at Del Taco, is a finalist at this year’s Loyalty Expo for the 2022 Loyalty360 Awards in the Customer Loyalty Innovation and Transformation category. She has also led the transformation of the successful customer loyalty efforts within the organization, and it started with the right approach, with a dedicated organizational commitment to getting the relationship with the customer “right.”

Del Taco is a fast restaurant chain founded in 1964 in Barstow, California with an emphasis on American-Mexican cuisine with approximately 600 locations across 16 U.S. states.

The Del Taco rewards program, Del Yeah! Rewards, launched in September 2021 and continues to see strong new signups each week. Part of the program’s success is attributed to its enticing tiered format and enhanced UI and ordering system. The completely built-from-scratch loyalty app includes offers, points, tiers, badges, challenges and more. Another unique offering is the free coffee every day for members which encourages habitual, repeat business at breakfast time.

The app, which was reimagined completely from its original inception, has increased rankings from 2-stars to 4.6-star user satisfaction. Monthly user growth had nearly doubled since launch with no signs of slowing. The program is on its way of breaking the one-million-member mark by year’s end.

The program was not without its challenges, however. Certain implementations the team believed to be no brainers, required reassessment. At this point, the team decided to press pause and make sure the systems, and strategy within alignment to drive customer success. 

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