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Loyalty360 Award Recap: A Q&A with Aiman Feza and Elizabeth McNeil on Scene+’s Multiple Award Recogn



Founded in 2007, Scene+ started as a joint venture between Cineplex — a major movie theatre chain in Canada — and Scotiabank — one of Canada’s top five banks. For over 10 years, Scene+ has been one of the top loyalty programs in Canada. The brand recently relaunched its loyalty program, switching from an entertainment program to a full lifestyle program.
At the 2023 Loyalty360 Loyalty Expo in Orlando, FL, Scene+ was recognized as a 360 Degree Award winner and as finalists in the following Loyalty Awards categories:

  • Brand to Brand Partnerships — Platinum Award
  • Customer Experience Strategy — Silver Award
  • Customer Loyalty Strategy — Silver Award

Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Elizabeth McNeil, Director of Partnerships, and Aiman Feza, Senior Brand Communications Manager for Scene+, about the brand’s recent award presentation and recognition at the Loyalty Awards.

Can you give us an overview of your awards presentation at the 2023 Loyalty Expo?
Feza: We presented the relaunch of the Scene+ program — that includes grocery, travel, retail, and more — in 2023. We're taking our brand from movies and dining to a full lifestyle loyalty rewards program that rewards members their way.
What are one or two things you're most proud of when it comes to your brand's customer loyalty program and loyalty efforts?
McNeil: A project like this was a tremendous undertaking from multiple teams. There was not a person at our organization that wasn't involved in this shift. Managing change at that pace and scope is not easy. I'm incredibly proud of the way our teams work together from operations and digital to marketing and finance.


What's one piece of advice you would give to a brand who may be looking to expand or enhance their customer loyalty strategy?
Feza: It always has to go back to the customer. What do they want?  What do they need? What will enhance their experience? I think as loyalty experts sometimes, we see the big picture very easily, but if your program isn't rooted in the member experience, it's not going to resonate.


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