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Loyalty360 Daily Reads: Parkland Builds Largest EV Charging Station in Canada, Fanatics Will Introdu



Parkland Opens Largest Open-Access EV Charging Site in Canada 

With electric vehicles becoming a more popular option for drivers, Parkland has built the largest EV charging station in Canada. To better support EV drivers, Parkland opened its first EV charging location in Hope, British Columbia, that can charge up to 12 vehicles at once. This EV charging station is just one of 30 EV charging sites the retailer has opened, with goals to reach 40 active sites this summer and 200 by 2024. 

“We’re breaking new ground as a network here,” said Scott Sharabura, vice president of EV charging for Parkland, in the video. “We opened it up a couple of weeks ago and we’re already seeing fantastic traffic.” 


Fanatics Set to Introduce Collectibles and Trading Cards to Loyalty Program 

Fanatics, the well-known sports retail company, has announced that it will soon transform its sports wagering loyalty program, FanCash, with a new feature that allows members to collect memorabilia and trading cards. This strategic approach is intended to increase customer interaction and solidify Fanatics’ status as the premier choice for sports fans and sports gaming.  

An official Fanatics spokesperson said that the company intends to easily integrate collectibles into the FanCash rewards program. Currently, the FanCash loyalty program has several other benefits for sports betting enthusiasts to transfer their accumulated awards into bonus bets or products on a one-to-one basis. Bettors earn a 1% reward for ordinary wagers, a 3% payout for parlays, and a significant 5% reward for same-game parlays under the current scheme. 

Customer loyalty initiatives are critical differentiators in a competitive environment, and Fanatics is prepared to make its mark with an innovative rewards package. Diversification appears as a primary goal, with ambitions to expand FanCash redemption into clothes and products, maybe including collectibles. 

Aldi, emoji Launch ‘Play Sports’ Loyalty Program 

Aldi has announced it is launching an emoji brand loyalty program dedicated to sport and exercise. From tennis to dancing and fitness, sports and athletic hobbies take center stage in the new collectible campaign. The new collectibles will be available at all 440 Belgian Aldi stores as well as in the world of Roblox. 

From Aug. 23 through Oct. 4, Aldi customers can collect 24 new emoji stuxx (little figurines with suction cups). This year, the discounter’s new emoji brand action figurines wear athletic gear like jackets, sportswear from brands like Speedo and Jockey Joe, and even offer mini sports equipment like bouncing footballs and basketballs. 

“For them, the new school year also means the return to the gymnasium or sports club,” says Isabel Henderick, managing director, marketing and communication, Aldi. “By choosing sports the emoji brand loyalty program, will encourage both the enthusiasm to collect and to play sports.” 

At the same time, the promotion is also a reward for customer loyalty. “The start of the school year is accompanied by stress and higher costs for many families,” says Henderick. “As a discounter, we make sure September is affordable as well as fun for our customers.” 

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