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Loyalty360 Reads: April 10 | Chick-fil-A Adds Handwashing Stations to Drive-Thrus, Chipotle Launches




Chick-fil-A to Add Handwashing Stations at Drive-Thru Restaurants
Chick-fil-A is adding handwashing stations to all drive-thru and mall locations by April 11. The company is also telling its workers to wash their hands at the minimum every 30 minutes as well as every time they interact with cash. Employees have also been “encouraged to ask guests using credit/debit for payment to swipe their own cards, if they can.”
“The health and safety of those who serve and those we serve is always first and foremost,” Chick-fil-A President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Tassopoulos said. “We will not do anything that may sacrifice health and safety.”
Chipotle Launches New Egift Card Program to Support Healthcare Heroes
Chipotle has announced a new egift card program to support healthcare workers that are on the frontlines fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. The Mexican restaurant giant is matching 10 percent of egift card purchases and donating to Direct Relief, an organization working to provide PPE and essential medical items to healthcare worked. "We wanted to create an easy way for our fans to come together and support our healthcare heroes," said Chris Brandt, Chipotle’s CMO, in a press release. "Proceeds from the gift cards will help Direct Relief's efforts to provide brave medical workers with the supplies they need to help save lives."
Wingstop Keeps Momentum Going with Digital Model Despite Coronavirus Challenges
Due in part to an effective digital business model, Wingstop saw its sales rise 9.9 percent in Q1 despite impacts from the Coronavirus outbreak. Although overall sales did begin decline as impacts from the outbreak limited restaurants’ ability to serve customers, Wingstop did see an a rise in average tickets to help offset some of the loss.
“We are very fortunate and grateful to have the continued support from our team members, guests, brand partners, and suppliers during this challenging time,” CEO Charlie Morrison said in a statement. “As I reflect on this situation, I am proud of our exceptional team and our brand partners as we continue to serve the world flavor. I especially appreciate all our team members on the front lines in our restaurants ensuring a safe experience for our guests and giving back to the community. We will continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic anchored in our core values with a focus on serving our stakeholders during this challenging time.”
Team Trainers Bringing At-Home Workout Routines to Fans
With changes over the past few weeks, not only have trainers not been able to work with their players one-on-one, but with the gym closures across the country, typical workout routines have been put on pause for the time being. With this change, these team trainers have started going to social media to engage with audiences and offer the unique opportunity for at-home workouts.
“At that point in time, I don’t think we saw other teams doing [at-home workout videos] – we just figured it’d be a good idea,” (Willie) Cruz said, the Houston Rocket’s trainer. “As the weeks started rolling in, I think we really realized that we were going to be quarantining for longer than a week or two… and we realized that [the workout videos] was going to be a very good idea since everybody’s going to be at home and not being very active.”
Amazon to Suspend Delivery Service Competing with UPS, FedEx
Amazon has announced that it will suspend its delivery service that competes with UPS and FedEx. Consumers were told Amazon would pause its Amazon Shipping service starting in June, according to the Wall Street Journal. This is due to Amazon not having resources to ship and deliver its own orders to customers, which the Wall Street Journal also reported.
"We regularly look at a variety of factors across Amazon to make sure we're set up in the right way to best serve our customers," an Amazon spokesperson told Reuters in an email confirming the halt in service.


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