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Loyalty360 Reads: December 20: American Airlines Adds Loyalty Perks, Walmart to Offer Buy Now Pay La



American Airlines Adds Loyalty Rewards Perks
American Airlines continues to evolve its AAdvantage loyalty program to deliver new benefits and give members new opportunities to earn rewards before, between, and beyond status levels. American is removing the previous 75,000 limit on miles that a member could earn on a single ticket, plus AAdvantage members will earn two miles per dollar spent on Basic Economy fares.

Starting in March 2023, AAdvantage members will be able to book and redeem miles for American Airlines Vacations packages, which brings customers deals on flights,  hotels, and car rentals. U.S. American Airlines AAdvantage Mastercard credit card holders can redeem miles toward exclusive experiences such as private dinners, sporting events, food festivals, theatrical performances and more.

Walmart to Offer Buy Now, Pay Later
A Walmart plans to launch a buy now, pay later option through a fintech partnership. The venture, called One, is gearing up to launch its own version of the payment service as soon as next year. Buy now, pay later allows customers to gradually pay off a purchase with fixed monthly payments, along with interest.

The buy now, pay later service will be available for shoppers to use at Walmart’s website and stores, as well as at other retailers. The effort was motivated in part by a more challenging economic backdrop and consumers feeling pinched by inflation.

Krispy Kreme Tests Automation
Krispy Kreme has been testing out automated technology with the ability to add filling to doughnuts and to take them off the line and box them up. One of the biggest challenges is making sure that every new point of access has fresh doughnuts while still expanding availability. That is why the company is looking into automating the doughnut-making process more.  

Over the next 18 months, the company plans to have at least 18% of their doughnuts produced on an automated line. Other changes coming to the Krispy Kreme operations model include closing or converting low-production stores into hubs without spokes, or doughnut-creation factories, by closing the lobby space to focus on getting more doughnuts in and out to access points. As a result, Krispy Kreme is going to be closing more stores next year.


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