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Loyalty360 Reads: Hulu Added by T-Mobile for Streaming, Headbangers Can Collect Megadeth NFTs, and A



T-Mobile’s “Hulu ON US” 

Starting January 24, 2024, Hulu — with its lineup of TV programs and movies — will be added to T-Mobile’s streaming suite. New and existing Go5G Next plan customers will enjoy the addition at no extra cost. Hulu ON US joins both Apple TV+ ON US and Netflix ON US. 

“T-Mobile customers get the best value and the best entertainment streaming bundle in wireless — just for being customers, without having to pay a penny more,” says Mike Katz, President of Marketing, Strategy and Products at T-Mobile. “In addition to Apple TV+, Netflix and MLB.TV, Go5G Next customers now also get a subscription to Hulu…all four on us. That’s over $400 a year in streaming benefits, from the very best services in the market, all included in your plan at no extra cost.”  

Customers can stream Hulu favorites through personal TVs, mobile devices, and tablets.  

The “Un-carrier” — a term coined by T-Mobile as it evolved to disrupt the traditional mobile phone industry — boasts a 5G network for 330M+ people across 2M square miles. The company delivers additional perks to its Go5G Next customers, such as free in-flight WiFi on select airlines, “Scam Shield” protection, and more. 

Learn more about T-Mobile’s streaming services at: https://www.t-mobile.com/tv-streaming   

Thrash Metal Fans Get Digital with Megadeth NFTs 

Exclusive digital collectibles (NFTs) have been released by one of the longstanding giants of thrash metal, Megadeth. The band seeks to engage its fans by merging its legendary music with blockchain technology. Owners of Megadeth NFTs will also have partial IP rights, allowing them to have a stake in the collectible’s future.  

“This NFT collection is a natural progression for Megadeth, furthering our legacy in the digital age and bringing our music closer to the fans in ways we never imagined,” says Dave Mustaine, co-founder, guitarist, and frontman for the GRAMMY-award-winning band. 

Megadeth’s NFT collection is made up of a 5,000-piece generative series and features the band’s mascot, Vic Rattlehead. NFT owners also gain access to an exclusive Holder-Only Merch Store and a Cyber Army Digital Membership. Experiential benefits include chances for VIP access at concerts, dinner with Megadeth, and a coveted signed Kramer Flying V by Mustaine. 

Check out Megadeth Digital at: https://megadethdigital.io/  

Top Auto Repair Shop Customers Recognized with Rewards and Referrals Program 

Autoflow’s Rewards and Referrals program seeks to recognize customer loyalty and offer desirable awards for referrals back to the auto repair shop. The program is designed to help shop owners pinpoint top customers while understanding the monetary value of all customers served. The program is customizable and allows Autoflow users to develop unique point structures and rewards.  

“Many loyalty and rewards programs are backwardly executed. Why burden customers with another card to carry or app to download? Why can’t businesses keep track of that for them? For one of my customers to be a part of this program, they have to be just that, a customer. My shops will keep track of their loyalty for them, the way it should be,” says Chris Cloutier, founder of Autoflow and co-owner of Texas-based repair shop Golden Rule Auto Care. 

The fully customizable solution enables shops to track customer referrals and access reporting related to referrals, points, and redemptions. By tracking auto repair customers through Autoflow, shop owners can recognize customers who refer others to the business. 

Learn more about Autoflow’s Rewards and Referrals at: https://autoflow.com/rewards-and-referrals/  


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