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Loyalty360 Reads: June 22 | Etsy Introduces AR Shopping Tool, Air Canada Launches Half-Priced Aeropl




Denny’s Scrambles to Adjust to a New Restaurant Age
The Wall Street Journal spoke to the Chief Brand Officer of Denny’s, John Dillon, about the brand’s efforts on trying to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as what it’s doing in its stores.
Dillon said in this interview, “We’ve gone as far as to create a trained sanitization specialist at every restaurant. We have floor decals that enforce a 6-foot social-distancing policy when you’re standing at the cash register or waiting for a table. We’ve removed tables or have signs on tables saying this table is not available because of social distancing. After every guest leaves, the booth is cleaned, the chair is cleaned, the table is cleaned, the menu is cleaned.”
How Hot Head Burritos Is Addressing COVID-19 By Reassessing Customer Experience
According to PYMNTS, Hot Head Burrito is investing $500 into each store on safety measures like curbside signs as well as masks and other supplies for workers. The brand has also installed plexiglass sneeze guards that are twice as big as they previously were, according to the article.
“The most important thing is to let customers know we are very focused on food safety and not having [the] spread of germs,” Ray Wiley, CEO at Dayton, Ohio-based Hot Head Burritos, said in the PYMNTS article above.
Visualize Wall Art with Augmented Reality on the Etsy App
Etsy has announced a new way for its consumers to visualize how and where they want a product to look and be. This new way is with the use of augmented reality and is currently only available through iOS and iPadOS users.
According to the press release, to take advantage of this offer, one only needs to:

  • “Open your Etsy iOS app and select an item categorized as Paintings, Photography, or Prints.
  • Tap the augmented reality icon on the top right corner of the item image.
  • Move your iPhone or iPad camera around your space for the AR feature to work, and tap to place the item on your desired spot.
  • Voila! The item will appear on your screen — move it around to see how it’ll look in different parts of your space. If available, test different sizes by zooming on the item.”

Burger King Restaurants Partner with TikTok to Launch First-Ever Whopper® Sandwich Dance Ordering
Burger King has announced it is partnering with the social channel, TikTok. This partnership will allow customers to order a Whopper for only $1 through dance ordering only.
According to the press release, “Loren Gray, Avani, and Nathan Davis Jr. will post tutorial videos on their personal TikTok pages, demonstrating moves representing Whopper sandwich combinations that users can incorporate into their customized dance order. To receive the $1 Whopper® sandwich on the BK® App, users need to follow the BK brand on TikTok and then must post their order dance video on TikTok using the specialized BK soundtrack and #WhopperDance. Afterwards, users will receive a direct message on TikTok from Burger King with a unique code to be used on the BK® App. Guests can pick up their order in restaurant or place the order for delivery with a $10 minimum per order. The TikTok #WhopperDance coupon will be valid through June 28, 2020. Additionally, delivery is free on the BK® App with a $10 minimum order until July 5, 2020.”
“We are investing in our digital channels and are always looking for innovative ways to engage with guests. The BK North America team is constantly pushing into new territories and Whopper Dance on TikTok is one of these ideas,” said Jorge Luiz R. Oliveira, Director, Media & Social Channels, Burger King Corporation, said in the news release.
Loyalty Programs
Loyalty and Rewards
Air Canada Launches Half-Priced Aeroplan Rewards in North America
Air Canada has announced the launch of half-price sales for Aeroplan loyalty members to try and drive people to start traveling again after the lockdown. This sale will apply to bookings made by July 1, 2020, for flights between July 1 and October 15, 2020.
According to the above Paxex article, “In addition to the travel date restrictions there is one additional catch to the half-price deal: Passengers must pay full price at the time of booking. The 50% savings comes in the form of a rebate issued within 3 weeks of the trip being completed.”


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