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Loyalty360 Reads: May 14 | Pedigree Goes Digital to Connect Potential Adopters and Dogs, Spendgo Is




Pedigree Supports Contactless Pet Adoption with Zoom Tie-In
The dog food brand Pedigree has announced they are developing a program called "Dogs on Zoom" to help people looking to adopt a dog search for them while staying home. The brand is working with the Nashville Humane Association to develop the program. It will also pay for all of the adoption costs as well as the Zoom membership and equipment for the shelter for pets adopted during the sessions. This program kicked off Monday, May 11, and the creative agency BBDO NY developed it. You can read about the program here.
Loyalty Programs
Valve Working on Steam Loyalty Program
According to an article on GameRant, Valve, a renowned video game developer and main developer for the online video game platform Steam, is developing a loyalty program for its launch. This news comes off the heels of the Epic Games Store launch growing in popularity and giving away free games.
According to the article above, "The news itself comes from Twitter user Pavel Djundik, who discussed some of the supposed features of the system as well as providing some datamining screenshots as proof. According to Djundik, "the service will allow players to rack up points based on a number of factors, with users supposedly able to spend the in-store currency on a number of rewards. These can supposedly range from items and badge levels to discounts which they could use to purchase other games on Steam. The idea does fall in line with some of the more recent Steam sales, which offered users points for completing certain activities – such as writing reviews or playing a certain amount of hours on a game – or buying titles on the store. Players could then exchange these points for discounts or specific items."
Spendgo Offers Its Loyalty Marketing Platform for Free For All Of 2020
A provider of loyalty programs and marketing tools for restaurants and retailers, Spendgo has announced a COVID-19 Relief Plan. The company is offering its platform at no cost to businesses that already have a website to start receiving orders for takeout, contactless kiosk or curbside pickup and delivery.
"Restaurants and retailers are really hurting right now, and online orders are their best chance of survival," said Ivan Matkovic, CEO and founder of Spendgo, in the above article. "Third-party marketplaces are great for acquiring new customers but paying 30% commission per order is a steep price to pay at a time when restaurants are just trying to stay open. This is why, at Spendgo, we have partnered with leading online ordering and e-commerce providers to provide our integrated marketing platform for free."
Brand Loyalty
Companies' Behavior Mid-Pandemic Influences Future Brand Loyalty, Survey Finds
According to a new Lucid report from PR agency MWWPR in the linked Marketing Dive article, 83 percent of customers said that behavior by a brand's leadership during the pandemic will affect whether or not they buy from said company after the crisis ends. According to the above article, "Another 84% of respondents reported that how companies prioritize their employees' welfare during this time will become a more important factor on what they buy, while 81% said businesses have a responsibility to help solve social or policy issues, even those outside their product category or industry."
Credit Card Companies Are Making It Easier to Earn Rewards During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Credit card companies have started making it easier for customers to earn rewards due to the pandemic. Some of them have allowed cardholders extra time to hit earning thresholds while others are expanding the kinds of purchases individuals can make to earn those points.
For example, Bank of America has allowed customers who have applied for both business and consumer credit cards between January 1 and March 31 this year to get an extra 90 days to meet the spending thresholds for their signup bonus. Additionally, Capital One has let Venture and VentureOne cardholders earn and redeem miles for restaurant takeout and delivery, as well as streaming service purchases.


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