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Loyalty360 Reads: May 5 | KFC Provides Additional Support to Employees, Tractor Supply Company Gives




Corporate Social Responsibility
Buffalo Wings & Rings’ Buffalove Foundation Donates $10,000 Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Wing restaurant Buffalo Wings and Rings’ Buffalove Foundation has announced it is donating $10,000 to various local organizations due to the pandemic. This foundation was created in 2016 and has partnered with organizations such as the South Texas Food Bank in Laredo, Texas, the Harry Chapin Food Banks in Fort Myers, Florida, and the Kansas Food Bank in Wichita, Kansas. “We are committed to supporting our communities during this difficult time, and have significantly increased our donations and our efforts in order to do so,” said Buffalove President and Buffalo Wings & Rings’ CEO Nader Masadeh in a press release. “Through our Buffalove Foundation, we strive to serve more communities and feed more hungry children year after year. We know that it’s more important to give back now, than ever before.”
KFC to Provide $500,000 Worth of Groceries to Employees
KFC has announced it will give $500,000 in groceries to employees across its 4,000 United States restaurants. Franchisees of KFC have teamed up to create the Grocery Assistance Fund that will help employees in the form of $100 grocery gift cards. “Our team members are going above and beyond to keep America fed and spread goodwill throughout our communities, whether that’s by donating thousands of meals to frontline healthcare workers or feeding children missing school meals,” says Justin Stewart, board chair, KFC Foundation, in the above QSR Magazine article. “As a small thank you, and in addition to many individual franchisee efforts, we have come together as franchisee leaders to care for restaurant employees through the Grocery Assistance Fund.”
Mary Kay Inc. Commits Nearly $10 Million to Global COVID-19 Support
Mary Kay has contributed nearly $10 million in monetary and product donations as well as distribution support in countries where it operates and communities in need. Some of these donations include hand sanitizer, local support for areas surrounding the company’s local headquarters, and joining the World Economic Forum’s new COVID Action Platform.
“The wide-ranging impact of this pandemic on our economies, populace and the world at large may not be truly known for some time,” said David Holl, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mary Kay Inc, in a press release. “But here’s what we’re sure of right now: people are suffering, and an unprecedented crisis requires everyone’s support. It’s our responsibility to help those affected by this virus—either directly, like our frontline workers, or indirectly, like women and children impacted by the alarming uptick in domestic violence cases.”
Tractor Supply Company Foundation Gives Back to COVID-19 Frontline Workers With $250,000 Donation
Tractor Supply Company has announced it is donating $250,000 to the New York State COVID-19 First Responders Fund. This fund was established by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to help support those working on the frontlines with expenses and costs. This donation was made through the Tractor Supply Company Foundation that was introduced with an initial focus on Coronavirus relief efforts.
“It’s an honor for all of us at Tractor Supply to support frontline healthcare workers in New York as they serve those in need during this crisis.  On behalf of the Tractor Supply team, we thank them for their tireless efforts and personal sacrifices,” said Christi Korzekwa, Tractor Supply’s Senior Vice President of Marketing in a press release. “We appreciate all ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ has done to provide a platform to help facilitate donations and shine a light on those who are selflessly helping others.”
Amazon, Walmart Vie for Consumer Loyalty Amid Supply Chain Pain
As some states begin to re-open, some businesses and their supply chains have been pushed to their limits over the last several weeks. For giants like Amazon and Walmart, both have found out more about how far they can push their boundaries and the ability to serve loyal customers. For Amazon, the pandemic saw the company’s visitor numbers in March rise 65 percent from the same time last year to 2.54 billion this year. Amazon Prime subscriptions also increased by 10 percent.
For Walmart, it is not any secret the brand’s supply chain has been hit hard, but thus far, the company has been able to overcome challenges thrown its way. “Our supply chain has been stretched, but together with our suppliers, we’ve kept the supply lines open so people can get what they want and need and at a great value,” CEO Doug McMillon wrote in an April letter to investors.


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