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Loyalty360 Reads: Michaels Launches New Brand Identity, Ford Hires President for New CX Business Div



Michaels Refreshes Brand Identity to Celebrate 50 Years  

The craft retailer, Michaels, has unveiled its “Ideas to I-Did-Its” campaign to inspire Michaels’ customers to tap into their creativity and choose Michaels for all their creative supply needs. Marking its 50th anniversary, Michaels is further establishing itself as the single destination for creatives to get inspired, learn, shop, and create. Michaels has updated its tagline to, “Everything to Create Anything”. This brand redesign supports the new marketing strategy by expanding the company’s reach to the many kinds of creativity represented in Michaels’ assortment. Bold colors, playful fonts, and highly textured macro imagery brings the new strategy to life alongside brand storytelling that connects to the joy and self-expression that creativity evokes in all of us. 

“Our customers’ creativity is the driving force of the Michaels brand, and it’s an honor to play a special role in helping them bring their ideas and projects to life,” said Mandy Rassi, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Michaels. “With a new brand strategy and purpose focused on fueling the joy of creativity, Michaels is well-positioned to meet creatives where they are while supporting every step of their journey and continuing to grow as a leader in our category.” 

This revitalized brand identity marks the next stage of growth for Michaels while expanding its audience to reach other creatives and meet customer needs. The retailer has worked to transform its brand strategy and optimize its media mix by investing in new channels and innovations to meet creatives where they are today and in the future. 

Ford Hires Ex-Apple VP For New Customer Experience Effort 

Former Apple VP, Peter Stern, has been named the president of Ford’s new business unit, Ford Integrated Services. Stern has been hired by Ford Motor to integrate hardware and software services over three units: the combustion engine-focused Ford Blue, the electric Model E, and Ford Pro, the company’s commercial fleet offering. 

Stern and his team will also lead services marketing at the vehicle manufacturer, oversee the Ford Next venture studio and manage advanced technology for “out-of-vehicle" experiences, the company said. Ford details out-of-vehicle experiences as software and services that go beyond the operation of a vehicle, one of the most exciting developments is using a car’s cameras to recognize a bear while the driver is asleep when camping, among other technological advancements. 

“Everyone is so focused on the EV transformation,” Ford Chief Executive Jim Farley said on a call with reporters, “but I keep saying the biggest change in our industry is to go to a digital product and physical services.”   

Ford said Monday that it has more than 550,000 paying subscribers to its software and services, although Farley noted the company isn’t charging for heated seats or similar, once-standard items. 

“Our industry is littered with bad choices about subscription services, and that is not the direction we’re going in,” he said. 

Car companies at the same time are reconfiguring showrooms and bolstering their websites to sell more cars online. 


Purina Donates to Support Pets Hit by Maui Wildfires 

With hundreds of lives upended and acres of Hawaiian wildlife destroyed in the recent wildfires, Purina has decided to donate funds to support pets and their owners as they adapt to the urgent situation on the island of Maui.  

In what's being called the state's worst natural disaster in 30 years, Purina has decided to step up and partner with Greater Good Charities in providing cash grants for rescue services, medical care, pet food, and supplies to Hawaiian-based animals rescues and emergency shelters. 

"Our hearts go out to the families and pets being affected by these wildfires, and to the communities that are experiencing such a catastrophic loss" said Kim Beardslee, Director of Community Affairs at Purina. "We have a long history of coming to the aid people and pets when disaster strikes, and we will continue working with our partners to provide support however we can." 

Purina donates more than $30 million annually in monetary grants, Purina pet food and cat litter to support nonprofit organizations that help bring and keep people and pets together, as well as supports relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters. 

To learn more about the causes Purina supports, visit www.purina.com/about/partnerships, and to donate to Greater Good Charities' Disaster Response, visit www.greatergood.org


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