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Loyalty360 Reads: September 29 | Domino's Promotes Recycling to Customers, Verizon Becomes Official




Domino's Delivering Neighborhood Recycling Information to Customers
Domino’s Pizza, the largest pizza company in the world based on global retail sales, wants to increase the amount of pizza boxes entering the recycling stream. Domino’s is launching a new feature on recycling.dominos.com that customers can use to look up their zip code for their neighborhood’s status on pizza box recycling. 

Corrugated pizza boxes are technically recyclable, and a total of 73% of the U.S. population is estimated to have recycling programs available for pizza boxes, according to a Resource Recycling Systems access study commissioned by WestRock in fall 2019. Due to confusion around the recyclability of pizza boxes, some consumers may not realize pizza boxes can enter their recycling stream. The look-up tool on recycling.dominos.com will use zip codes to provide consumers with a clear answer on whether they can recycle the pizza boxes at their home, or in communities they’re visiting.

“We have heard a lot of excitement from customers about pizza boxes being recyclable. However, sometimes they were confused about their local regulations,” says Jenny Fouracre, director of public relations. “This new tool on our recycling site should help to clarify the local regulations. We are also really happy to see communities nationwide communicating more clearly to residents that they do want pizza boxes in their recycling bins, instead of the garbage cans.”
Verizon becomes official 5G partner of NHL
Verizon and the National Hockey League are bringing the power of 5G to center ice with an exclusive, multi-year deal that will make Verizon the League's Official 5G Partner, Official Wireless Services Partner and Official Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) Partner in the U.S.

Verizon also becomes an Official Technology Partner for the League. Additionally, as a Season-Long Fantasy Partner of the NHL, Yahoo Sports will have the opportunity to offer game highlights and other official NHL-produced content to its fantasy players. Yahoo Sports will also receive an Official Sports Betting Partner designation and associated promotional rights for use in connection with its strategic partnership with BetMGM.

"5G Ultra Wideband opens up new opportunities for sports fans and now especially NHL fans to interact with their favorite teams and players, giving them the ability to watch the game from multiple angles, as well as get stats and fantasy scores on players through immersive fan experiences," says John Nitti, Chief Media Officer, Verizon. "Through our partnership with the NHL, we're looking forward to highlighting solutions that enhance the fan experience and working together to build the next generation of hockey fandom no matter where you are."
Halo Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Cannafeels
Halo Labs has entered into an agreement to acquire Cannafeels, a software company developing an online application to provide consumers with relevant, web-sourced and curated information about cannabis strains.

The app is currently being developed for both the North American recreational market, as well as the UK and select EU medical cannabis markets.

In all markets, Halo plans to use the App to feature content that can support patients and consumers as they research cannabis strains on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. Through the App, patients and consumers will be able to access this strain-related content before, during or after visits to clinics and dispensaries, helping them understand how different strains address a range of health issues, as well as beneficial psychological and bodily effects that recreational users may seek.
Hackers Target Fake Corporate Social Responsibility
Research from the University of Delaware’s John D’Arcy suggests that some hackers may have a neq motivation: disappointment in a company’s attempts to fake social responsibility.

“There is emerging evidence that the hacking community is not homogenous, and at least some hackers appear to be motivated by what they dislike, as opposed to solely financial gain,” says D’Arcy, who is a professor of management information systems (MIS) at UD’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics. “Recent hacks against the World Health Organization, due to its actions (or supposed inactions) related to the COVID-19 pandemic, are a case in point.”

D’Arcy and his coauthors, interested in exploring whether a firm’s corporate social performance (CSP) impacts their likelihood of being breached, studied a unique dataset that included information on data breach incidents, external assessments of firms’ CSP and other factors. The results, published on Sept. 18 in the Information Systems Research paper “Too Good to Be True: Firm Social Performance and the Risk of Data Breach,” were intriguing.


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