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Red Roof Offers "Work Under Our Roof" Day Rate to Remote Workers




In response to the many people who are currently working remotely, Red Roof is offering day rates for the first time ever to help those workers find a comfortable environment to focus. Thanks to spaces such as coffee shops, libraries and other workspaces closing, many remote workers are trying to find places in their homes to work to practice social distancing. Red Roof is giving these workers a different option with its Work Under Our Roof program, which gives these workers the space they need to focus and get their work done. These rooms are available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. with same day check-in and check-out with reduced rates starting at $29.
"An unprecedented number of workers are now required to work remotely, and options are very limited during this time.  With locations in major cities nationwide, we are opening our doors to help Americans find a solution that works best for them and allows them to continue their professional obligations close to home," notes Marina MacDonald in a Red Roof press release, Chief Marketing Officer, Red Roof. "The Work Under Our Roof Day Rate provides a private and dedicated space to help those who may not have at-home offices or spaces conducive to working from home."
These rooms have fast, free, and verified Wi-Fi as well as a communication package that has free local and long-distance calls, fax, flat-screen TVs, and a workstation, with complimentary, in-room coffee in most rooms. Also, one well-behaved pet, a cat or dog, can be in the room with no additional cost. There is not allowed to be more than two guests checked in to any one room under the day rate. However, the day cannot be used to host meetings according to the Red Roof press release.
These rooms can be booked through May 15 and secure “workspaces” at any time through May 31. Both RediRewards members and non-members can take advantage of this offer.
Alongside this offer to remote workers, Red Roof has also launched a program to support students, logically called the Student Support Program. This program provides students without housing and in search of an alternative option with a 30% discount and a weekly stay incentive that includes a $25 Amazon gift card to help purchase essential needs. Rooms come with fast, free, and verified Wi-Fi to help students stay connected to their virtual learning and online classes.


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