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Yankee Candle and Ordergroove Partner for Subscription Program

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Yankee Candle and Ordergroove have partnered to introduce a subscription program that will allow customers to get a variety of products delivered on a modifiable schedule that can also be changed online whenever the customer wants. Subscribers of the program also qualify for different incentives on subscription orders, such as product discounts and a lower shipping threshold.  
“We are constantly seeking to deliver consumer experiences that evolve with their shopping behaviors,” says Justin Swenson, vice president of digital experience of Yankee Candle. “Our subscription program allows consumers to receive products they love on a predictable cadence. Our partnership with Ordergroove gives us the ability to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers.”
Yankee Candle’s partnership with Ordergroove and its Relationship Commerce Cloud, brings multiple new features:

  • Scalable and Flexible Subscription Offerings – Yankee Candle is working with Ordergroove and has slowly introduced products to its subscription program. The brand can also change product offerings and take away certain seasonal items that aren’t available at certain times of the year

  • Easily Configurable Subscription Promotions – Yankee Candle can now easily change product-specific promotions as well as offer reduced shipping thresholds for subscription orders

  • Personalized, Intuitive Subscriber Experiences – Customers also have control over their subscriptions, like what is included, where they are shipped to and when. Customers are also able to change the fragrance in their online order if they want a different one for an upcoming order

  • Integrated Loyalty Program – The subscription program integrated with Yankee Candle’s new loyalty program, Yankee Candle Rewards, where customers can receive 2x points on subscription purchases

“As consumers spend more time at home and look for safer ways to shop, providing subscription experiences that are easy and convenient enables brands and retailers to form closer connections with customers that can lead to repeat purchases,” says Greg Alvo, CEO of Ordergroove. “Yankee Candle recognizes the value that Relationship Commerce offers both in terms of convenience and creating predictable, recurring revenue streams.”
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