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Episode 82 – (Interview) With Gunter Pfau – Founder and CEO of Stuzo

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Welcome loyal listeners to another episode of The Loyalty Minute, I’m your host Rob Gallo and today I am excited to chat with Gunter Pfau. Gunter is the founder and CEO at Stuzo, is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and leads Stuzo’s strategic direction along its mission to help retailers transform through digital. Gunter’s vision has guided Stuzo on its path to helping its customers seize the future, from its first customer, Facebook, to Google, Mastercard, Sunoco, Murphy USA, and the long list of Enterprise customers who have engaged Stuzo for its Open Commerce products and managed software services.

Welcome to the show Gunter, thanks for joining me.

For those loyal listeners out there who don’t know who you are or what you do, perhaps you can share a bit of your story and background…

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