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Loyalty Reads: Disney Adds Perks and Lower Prices for Customer Loyalty, Mint Mobile Uses ChatGPT to


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Disney Adds Perks and Lower Prices for Customer Loyalty
Disney is offering lower prices and new perks for annual pass holders. Robert Iger, Disney’s CEO, made the changes in response to customer feedback that the parks have become more expensive and complicated to book since the company added more features.

New changes affect when and how customers can visit the parks, allowing annual pass holders to enter without a reservation during afternoon hours and Park Hopper ticket holders to switch parks earlier in the day. Disney will also increase the number of lowest-price admissions packages for Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Additionally, park visitors receive free parking when staying in a Disney-owned hotel.
Mint Mobile Uses ChatGPT to Engage Customers
Mint Mobile released a new ad showcasing the new AI writing technology ChatGPT. Ryan Reynolds, Mint owner and spokesperson, used the new tech to connect with and engage customers while staying on the front end of advertising innovation.

Mint claims this is the first use of the OpenAI technology in any kind of commercial, adding to the company’s goal of challenging the industry. In addition to engaging customers with humor, the ad also highlights Mint’s holiday promotion offering 50% off the cost of six months of wireless service.
Imo’s Pizza Launches New App
Imo’s Pizza replaced its previous app to offer new functionality and an updated Square Deal rewards program. For current users, the app will automatically update to the new version.

The app includes new features like quick-and-easy delivery and tracking options. The updated Square Deal rewards program allows customers to earn rewards for purchases and redeem those rewards for free menu items. Points earned on the previous rewards app will roll over into the new program.

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