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Loyalty360 Award Finalist Overview Conference Session: Tapan Vaidya, CEO



Tapan Vaidya, CEO of Papa John’s United Arab Emirates, is a finalist at this year’s Loyalty Expo for the 2022 Loyalty360 Awards in the Customer Insights and Metrics category.

Papa Johns’ is a regional franchise operator of 70 stores across Dubai. Originally, the brand relied on physical in-store operation, third-party online ordering and discounts.

When new leadership took over business management, the brand began to focus on long-term value and capitalization growth with the goal to become #1 pizza operator in the MENA region. The brand shifted its focus to digital customer communications with a branded loyalty app and online presence, with the goal of improving its understanding of preferences, making relevant targeted offers, moving away from broad discounts, and ultimately, increasing customer loyalty and spend. 

By using the data to develop targeted marketing strategies related to these insights, the brand can tailor communications to well-defined customer groups. It can then adjust offers or communications from one campaign to the next as they learn from the results. This allows the company to gain a better understanding of customers over time, eventually reaching them with a level of personalization that contributes to creating a deeper, emotional connection with the brand. The ultimate result is increasing customer loyalty and LTV and driving long-term revenue growth.

Today, over 60% of the business is digital. The user-friendly app allows for customization and personalizing, as well as ease of payment and completing an order. The Papas Points loyalty program encourages repeat business and delivers the first-party data that allows the brand to continually improve its campaigns.

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