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Loyalty360 Award Recap: A Q&A with Adam Reynolds on Sleep Number’s Multiple Award Recognitions


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As a leader in sleep technology, Sleep Number produces beds designed to individualize the sleep experience for all its users. Over the past 35+ years, Sleep Number has grown from a small kiosk in a mall to a national retailer, ranking among the top 10 U.S. specialty retailers. The brand’s SleepIQ® technology operating system captures more than 21 billion biometric data points every night, offering users actionable insights into improving their sleep health and wellness. Sleep Number delivers personalized promotions and information on sleep health through its InnerCircle Rewards loyalty program.
At the 2023 Loyalty360 Loyalty Expo in Orlando, FL, Sleep Number was recognized as a finalist in the following Loyalty Awards categories:

  • Brand-to-Brand Partnerships
  • Loyalty Program Design

Loyalty360 spoke with Adam Reynolds, Director, Loyalty & Mobile Marketing at Sleep Number, about the brand’s recent award presentation and recognition at the Loyalty Awards.
Can you give us a brief overview of your brand and your winning Loyalty360 Award entries from the 2023 Loyalty Expo?
Reynolds: This year we were up for Brand-to-Brand Partnerships and Loyalty Program Design Awards. On the brand partnership side, we are really proud of our partnerships with the NFL, American Cancer Society, and Mayo Clinic and how each can have an impact on our members’ lives. From the importance of sleep on our daily physical activity and energy levels to its role in bolstering our health and wellness, it’s more important than ever to share the benefits of proven quality sleep with a Sleep Number smart bed. Our members — called Smart Sleepers have the opportunity to share their anonymized sleep data to help both the Mayo Clinic and the American Cancer Society learn more about the importance of sleep and fighting disease. Smart Sleepers also have the opportunity to donate reward certificates they have earned to the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodges, and thousands have taken advantage of this opportunity.
On the Loyalty Program Design side, I believe we have a unique engagement-based loyalty program in a product space where repeat purchases are infrequent. For Sleep Number, it’s really all about fostering customer advocacy and emotional loyalty through helping our bed owners get the most out of their smart beds and helping them get the proven quality sleep they need. The InnerCircle Reward program rewards them for a wide range of activities, including reading blogs, watching videos, sharing reviews and testimonials, referring friends and family, and more.
What are one or two things you’re most proud of when it comes to your brand’s customer loyalty program and program efforts?
Reynolds: The option we give our Smart Sleepers of using their reward certificates they earn through our program for themselves or donating them to the American Cancer Society is an aspect of our program that I am really proud of. It’s thrilling that we have thousands of Smart Sleepers who are active in the program and earning reward certificates, but it is truly heart-warming that thousands choose to donate those certificates to those in need at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodges.
I am also really proud of how far our program has come in the last 6 years since its inception and how it has been adopted holistically throughout the organization.
What’s one piece of advice you would share with a similar brand or someone who looks to expand or enhance their customer loyalty strategy?
Reynolds: I would say to get started appreciating your top customers as soon as you can and build out an ongoing loyalty/advocacy/appreciation strategy for all customers as a fast follow. In today’s competitive environment, it’s imperative to build emotional loyalty through transparency and offering value above and beyond customer expectations. The smallest acts of appreciation can go a LONG way, so what are you waiting for?
Briefly, what is the next exciting step Sleep Number plans to make in strengthening customer loyalty?
Reynolds: For us, the next exciting step is bringing our loyalty program as close to a one-to-one experience as we can. From activities to offers to surprise and delight moments, we want to have a unique journey for all our Smart Sleepers.

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