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Loyalty360 Reads: December 14: Velvet Taco’s Holiday Campaign, Infotools’ Inclusion and Diversity eB



Velvet Taco Announces Holiday Campaign

Velvet Taco recently announced the company’s holiday campaign, Merry Resistmas featuring the brand’s catering taco box, gift cards and the new weekly taco feature, the Fa-La-La Brisket Feast. With the “Resist the Ordinary” campaign, the brand is recreating the dine-in environment through brand experiences outside the 4-walls of Velvet Taco.

In addition, Velvet Taco’s 12 Days of Tacos will highlight different tacos and user-generated content throughout the series with giveaways every other day. The Velvet Room members will have six chances to receive an exclusive giveaway. Prizes include Velvet Taco merchandise and catered meals.

Infotools Publishes eBook on Inclusion and Diversity

Infotools recently released a paper on inclusion and diversity titled “Represent: Toward a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible insights industry.” The publication takes an in-depth look at organizations that are championing inclusivity, pitfalls to avoid when creating diversity, equality, inclusion, and accessibility (IDEA) initiatives, plus how to make the research process itself more equitable and representative of population diversity.

Based on discussions with Infotools market research podcast guests, the new eBook covers themes such as:

– Summary of industry groups and associations that are furthering the conversations surrounding IDEA, and taking action through task forces, original research, support programs, targeted education, industry resources and more.

– Discussion surrounding the impact of IDEA along the market research supply chain, from accessing more representative populations for research to crafting surveys with more inclusive language.

– How to avoid performative diversity and institute measurable initiatives within companies that make an impact, from open communication avenues to formal policies and trackable metrics surrounding IDEA.

Upgraded Points Releases Airline Travel Survey Results

Upgraded Points recently released survey results on airport pet peeves. According to the results, 1 in 4 flyers believe they should be compensated between $500 and $1,000 for lost baggage. 30% of Americans agree that a refund of the ticket price is fair compensation for a canceled flight; however, 1 in 4 would prefer a refund plus transportation costs to/from the airport.

Other findings include pet peeves among flyers such as fighting couples, crying babies, and the number one peeve: kicking your seat. Given the option, 68% of flyers would be willing to pay a fee to skip the TSA line.


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