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Loyalty360 Reads: December 8: Tenerity Launches Digital Rewards Program, Rolex to Sell Secondhand Wa



Tenerity Launches New Digital Rewards Program

Tenerity announced the launch of its new digital platform. The Connect platform will power the new and improved Santander Boosts program. Santander Boosts utilizes the full suite of Connect and gives customers the opportunity to access exclusive rewards and save money through Tenerity’s set of cashback offers, coupons, discounts, prize draws, and more.

Connect is a loyalty and rewards platform that enables companies to engage their customers with intelligence-based offers. As customers continue to interact with Santander Boosts, they will see increasingly more personalized offers based on their preferences and will have opportunities to enter prize draws for money-saving rewards. In addition, Tenerity’s platform can optimize ‘revenue generating’ vs ‘paid for’ content based on each customer’s value to maximize the commercial outcomes of loyalty.

Rolex to Sell Secondhand Watches

Rolex announced it will officially begin selling secondhand Rolex watches certified by the brand through its authorized dealers. It’s starting with six retailers immediately, and more will be added throughout 2023. As many luxury retailers have begun to sell their own secondhand items to retake some market share from third-party platforms, Rolex’s entry into the market is especially significant. Its market share of the luxury watch industry is close to 30%, making it by far the most dominant player in that space.

Demand for the brand has increased as a combination of supply chain issues and enforced scarcity, making acquiring a new Rolex directly from the brand all but impossible without a long waiting period. The brand anticipates the action will incentivize more first-time buyers.

Way.com and Upside Partnership Saves on Fuel

Way.com and Upside announced they are partnering to make fuel cash-back offers available to all Way customers. Through the Way App, customers can access cashback and discounts through Upside’s network of 50,000 gas stations, convenience stores, and restaurants across the country.

With the partnership, customers can save up to .25 per gallon on gas and receive other cost-saving promotions at select businesses. The brand says that there are more car savings updates on the way to its commitment of making car ownership affordable for all Americans.


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