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Loyalty360 Reads: Major League Baseball Focuses on Fan Engagement, Back-to-School Shoppers to Remain



EU Top Court Rules Facebook Must Get User Consent Before Sending Personalized Ads  

This week, the European Union's highest court, the Court of Justice, ruled that Meta Platforms' Facebook must obtain user consent before delivering personalized ads in specific situations. This ruling introduces a new challenge to Meta's ongoing legal fight to safeguard its fundamental business model reliant on targeted advertising. 

Based on how broadly the ruling is interpreted, Facebook could be compelled to ask its users to opt in to ads that are based on how they interact with it and other Meta apps. Such interactions could include a user’s comment on an Instagram post, or their views of a particular Instagram video. 


MLB Focuses on Fan Engagement with Launch of Virtual Ballpark During All-Star Events 

Improbable and Major League Baseball (MLB) have collaborated to create a groundbreaking virtual ballpark, providing baseball enthusiasts with a platform to gather and interact simultaneously in a unified space. By joining the M² network, the MLB virtual ballpark empowers the oldest sports league to explore various formats and fresh content, fostering stronger connections between players and fans. The inaugural event, scheduled for July 8th, will be a watch party during a live exhibition match featuring celebrities and former star players, serving as the first of several planned events for 2023. 

“As we continue to enhance and prioritise the MLB fan experience through innovative technologies, this new virtual ballpark will become a great testing ground for the league and our fans worldwide,” said Kenny Gersh, MLB Executive Vice President, Media & Business Development. “In working closely with Improbable, we’ve taken what baseball fans know and love about their unique ballpark experiences and connected it to an accessible, virtual world. Not everyone has the opportunity to attend Major League games or enjoy a Major League ballpark experience, but now we can provide this opportunity to anyone with an internet connection, no matter where they are.” 


88% of Consumers Plan to Remain Brand Loyalty for Back-to-School Shopping  

According to the 2023 Back-to-School Survey conducted by Optimove, an overwhelming 88% of consumers intend to remain loyal to their preferred brands for their back-to-school shopping. The survey further highlights that 86% of the 214 respondents plan to repurchase items from the same brands they bought from last year. 

Nevertheless, more than 70% of consumers still prioritize price and quality, in line with the trends observed in previous Optimove surveys. This data underscores the consistent emphasis on cost-effectiveness and value during back-to-school shopping. 

"Strong brand loyalty stems from trust and positive past experiences,” said Pini Yakuel, CEO of Optimove. “Retailers can harness this by adopting strategies that put customers first, such as attractive loyalty programs and high-value products. Having a commitment to education and creating localized programs can strengthen connections with consumers. Practices like transparency in data handling, nurturing a positive brand image, incorporating family-oriented marketing, and offering a seamless omnichannel experience are also key. By aligning with customers' values and catering to their needs, retailers can boost brand loyalty, increase sales, and deepen customer relationships for the long-term." 


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