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Loyalty360 Reads: October 24: NICE Consumer Intent-Driven CS, Navy Federal’s CX Award, and More



NICE Announces Consumer Intent-Driven CX Capability

NICE recently announced its Enlighten Journey Orchestration, the first to orchestrate synchronous and asynchronous interactions at scale. Enlighten Journey Orchestration achieves a new level of understanding consumer needs events with real-time Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and the application of Enlighten AI Intent Classification models built on decades of data.

Additionally, Enlighten Journey Orchestration executes real-time responses engaging self-service, proactive, knowledge or agent engagements based on the actions and outcomes of an organization’s most successful interactions. With this advancement, organizations use Enlighten AI’s pre-built models to unlock value from their historical interaction data.

Navy Federal Awarded Best Customer Experience

Navy Federal Credit Union was recently awarded for its CX by Forrester CX Index. This is the seventh year in a row the credit union was recognized as Number One among multichannel banks for customer experience (CX) based on Forrester’s 2022 US Customer Experience Benchmark survey.

The ranking was based on responses from more than 96,000 survey respondents from 13 industries, including airlines, auto and home insurers, auto manufacturers, banks, credit card issuers, federal government agencies, health insurers, hotels, investment firms, retailers, and utilities. The credit union is also named a CX Elite brand (a top 5% brand in the entire CX Index) for banks and credit card issuers.

Disney, Chase and Visa Extend Disney Visa Card Programs

Chase, The Walt Disney Company and Visa recently announced a multi-year extension of the Disney Visa Card, Disney Premier Visa Card, and Disney Visa Debit Card programs. For nearly two decades, the three companies have worked together to offer Disney Cardmembers exclusive benefits, rewards, experiences, and perks that enhance their relationship with the Disney brand.

In anticipation of the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company, the companies also announced that a new, limited-edition card design for the Disney Premier Visa Card will be released in January 2023. The new offering will be the first Disney co-brand card made of metal and available to new and existing Disney Premier Visa Cardmembers only during the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration.


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