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Loyalty360 Reads: Snapchat Creates New Creator Rewards Program, Razorfish Reports on Next Gen Shoppe



Snapchat Builds Rewards Program for Lens Creators  

Snapchat, the innovative social media platform, has decided to reward creators for their part in developing new lenses for photo and video content. Snapchat has made a name for itself in developing new technology to allow users to place a lens over their face before sending a “snap” to a friend. These lenses are very popular among Snapchat users and can range from beauty filters to making silly faces for fans to enjoy.  

As a part of this new rewards program, Snapchat will award top-performing lens creators with titles and rewards, including a reward of up to $7,200 for the most used lenses in the United States, India, and Mexico. The rewards program will also expand to 40 more countries in the coming months.  

Interested creators can learn more about the rewards program by visiting snap.com.  


Razorfish Study Offers Insights into Next Generation of Shoppers 

Companies are constantly trying to acquire more information on how customers use loyalty programs, decide on products to purchase, and how they engage with brands. Since younger shoppers drive so much of the economy and can be influenced to build brand loyalty with incentivized purchases, Razorfish has released a study on the next generation of shoppers, Generation Alpha.  

Generation Alpha is the generation following Gen Z (16-23 years old) and surveyed Generation Alpha members were between the ages of 8 and 10.  

Research findings within the study highlight Generation Alpha’s approach to purpose and authenticity: 

  • Alphas are motivated by a greater sense of purpose. When asked what they want to be when they grow up, nearly one-third of Alphas selflessly said they want to make a difference, help others, or help the planet. 

  • Alphas are true to themselves. Despite growing up in a world of social media, 92% of Gen Alpha respondents understand the power of authenticity and value the importance of being themselves.  

  • Like their Gen Z predecessors, Alphas are also prioritizing key values like learning new things, standing up for people, understanding people who are different, and sharing their opinions with others – to an even greater extent than members of Gen Z. 


Business Recommendations 

  1. Recognize that Alphas have accelerated brand maturity. 

  1. Alphas seek more than fame – they want to shape the world. Empower them. 

  1. Alphas are already expecting more from brands.  

  1. Don’t treat gaming as just an entertainment outlet – it’s an interactive, creative space for new innovations. 



Cathay Pacific, Neo Financial to Launch Credit Card Program 

Neo Financial and Cathay Pacific have teamed up to create a new credit card for rewards members in the Canadian markets. This innovative brand is the only Canadian airline that features rewards miles to Asian destinations. This advantage leverages new rewards, prizes, and ways to save for the most adventurous of travelers. The new rewards program will be available this fall.  

When the program begins, Cathay Pacific cardholders will enjoy: 

Asia Miles: Receive up to 45,000 Asia Miles – enough to cover a one-way, economy class flight from Vancouver or Toronto to Hong Kong. 

10% booking discount: For a limited time, get 10% off Canada-origin Cathay Pacific bookings. 

Premium rewards: Earn one Asia Mile per dollar on every purchase in Canada⁵ and double the miles on purchases outside of Canada and on Cathay Pacific flights. Plus, receive an average of 5x the Asia Miles at thousands of Neo partners and up to 15x on first-time purchases. 

Travel benefits: Get priority online check-in, access to airport lounges, in-flight Wi-Fi, and unique and memorable experiences worldwide. 

“Our collaboration with Cathay Pacific not only raises the bar for rewards programs, but it also reflects our commitment to providing extraordinary value to our cardholders in a way that rivals the big banks,” said Andrew Chau, CEO of Neo Financial. “With the new Cathay Pacific card in their wallet, Canadians will have the world at their fingertips, with exciting benefits tailored to their travel and lifestyle needs.” 


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